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Why a Kitchen Remodel Might Be Just What You Need

Posted by Guest Blogger on Aug 22, 2016 10:30:49 AM

When you’re considering a remodeling project for the kitchen, shopping for furniture, fixtures, and color is always fun—after all, it’s the icing on the cake. But determining which materials to use, what to keep and what to replace, and how much your budget will allow are important decisions that you need to make before you get to the decor details.

Astro Kitchen Remodel Blog

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Areas to Consider

Whether your plans include remodeling the entire kitchen from top to bottom or upgrading specific areas, take a look at each of these elements to consider for new installation, upgrade, or removal.

  • New floor covering such as tile, wood, or bamboo
  • Replacing outdated countertops with quartz, granite or marble
  • Installing new cabinet fixtures and new or recessed lighting
  • Adding a kitchen island, extra countertops, or prep areas
  • Installing extra storage such as a walk-in or butler’s pantry
  • Upgrading all appliances – refrigerator, stove and dishwasher


How much room do you need?

For some, the kitchen is a busy community area where cooking and informal dining takes place. For others, it may be a quiet place for cooking with meals served in a formal dining room. The kitchen may also serve as an entertainment location where a kitchen island, extra counter space, built-in ice maker, and bar setup are perfect for setting up a buffet and beverage area for guests. So we at Astro and Home Improvement Leads suggest that the first thing to ask yourself is what role the kitchen will play in your home.

 Astro Kitchen Remodel Blog

Custom Beverage Area | Design by Astro

In order to maximize your available square footage, you’ll also need to consider how much space you need. If you’re an avid cook and need a lot of prep space, consider remodeling the kitchen area to include more countertop space and prep areas in lieu of extra storage space.

Astro Kitchen Remodel Blog

Double Island Feature for more prep area + entertaining | Design by Astro

If space is limited but the kitchen has a door opening onto a patio, can you use this to your advantage by installing sliding glass or French doors to “open up” the kitchen with sunlight. This remodeling consideration visually expands the kitchen, and utilizes the patio as an outdoor area for meals or entertaining.

      Astro Kitchen Remodel BlogAstro Kitchen Remodel Blog

Patio Doors to in kitchen brighten up the space and allow for sunlight | Design by Astro


What’s your style preference?

How you want your kitchen to look when it’s not in use is another viable question to ask yourself. If pristine and clean, smooth surfaces devoid of clutter is your preference, freeing up countertop space by adding recessed shelving with doors may be the solution. This option allows appliances to be easily accessed then hidden away when not in use for an appliance-free and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Wasted corner space can also address storing appliances by installing a corner cabinet with rollout drawers for easy access.

Astro Kitchen Remodel Blog

Corner Appliance Drawer to store appliances when not in-use | Design by Astro

There are plenty of home remodeling projects can be rewarding, both by increasing your home’s value and your enjoyment of the space you live. But the kitchen is so often the most-used room of the house, and that’s why it’s the most important to make it one you and your family can enjoy for years to come.



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