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Riverview Lakeside Cottage: Design Inspired By Nature

Posted by Astro on Sep 15, 2020 11:00:00 AM

The history:

In 1995, the clients started camping on the Thousand Islands and they simply fell in love with the breathtaking views and the stunning scenery of that place. In 2011, they bought the first property and built their original cottage, which sits atop a rocky lakeside cleft with a gorgeous view of the St. Laurence River.

As the client's family has grown over the years, they came up with the idea of creating a family retreat at their cottage; ultimately, they wanted a place to unwind, relax and connect with the nature that surrounds them. Then, a few years later, they decided to buy the neighbouring property, where a cozy and welcoming guest house was built. 

It was not a small undertaking. This project took two years to complete.

Riverview Lakeside Cottage_view from the St. Laurence RiverView form the St. Laurence River | DoubleSpace Photography

The Project:

The work on this project involved two main goals: (1) purchasing of the neighbour’s property and solid granite blasting to add an extension to the cottage and (2) building the new guest house. 

The addition to the property allowed the designer to work in a versatile and enhanced open-concept floor space. The kitchen redesign consisted of enlarging the space, adding a second kitchen island and a serving area, as well as building a dry bar. The result? A perfect space to create family memories and entertaining the client’s growing family. 

Kitchen DesignKitchen extension | JVL Photography 

Dry Bar Design
Bar area | JVL Photography 

The incorporation of a second island improved the kitchen flow and provided extra countertop and cabinet space, as well as added an extra sitting area to the kitchen. By the way, this sitting area is a key component in the design to integrate the entire dining experience, allowing the client to prepare, serve, and tidy, without compromising traditional counter space.

Kitchen ExtensionKitchen extension | JVL Photography

It is worth mentioning the elegant wooden and glass door on the lateral portion of the kitchen, which gives access to the clients’ favourite place in their home: a beautiful porch with a fireplace, where the family can gather to appreciate the magnificent views of the river.

Outdoor areaBeautiful porch area | DoubleSpace Photography

With the extension, the clients could also have more space to add a new master bedroom to the property, providing them with more privacy, as this new room is in the furthest corner of the house. Warm tones, organic lines, double sink... details that make anyone feels invited to unwind and relax in this newly built and elegant ensuite.

Ensuite DesignNew ensuite | JVL Photography

Designer Inspiration: Astro's Julia Enriquez D.I.D.

The look is tasteful and warm, with simple clean lines and easy to maintain. It is all about integrating nature and their home while enjoying the magnificent views of the Thousand Islands. The clients did not want the structure to obstruct the surrounding scenery.”

Astro Design - Julia Enriquez


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