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Posted by Dean Large, Astro Designer on Jun 16, 2014 8:29:00 AM

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The Fun In Picking Patterns For Your Home

So often when designing a space it is easiest to pick the safest options. Well I have some news for everyone, safe is BORING! We need to stop it! I don’t think anyone would or want to be described as a boring person. So then why are we designing our homes to be that way?


I recently came back from a fantastic European vacation where I was overwhelmed with amazing pattern combinations in nearly every interior space I had the pleasure of visiting. This trip has got me super inspired to work with interesting patterns and to say good-bye to boring plain surfaces.

Now I totally understand that when designing your space the concept of patterns can seem daunting, but don’t let it scare you. Working with a designer will make it all so much easier. The key to patterns is to think of the following rules.

1. The Size of The Pattern

Scale - this pertains to the size of the pattern. When mixing them, the worst thing you can do is pick a bunch of large prints or a lot of small ones. You need to mix the large with the small to create a sense of balance.

2. Patten Density 

Pattern density is another big thing. You really shouldn’t mix a bunch of intricate little patterns together. Doing this will create a jumbled mess of a space. You need to mix the tight patterns with the more open patterns.

3. Colour of The Pattern

The colour of the pattern can also have a huge impact. The colours in the pattern can really alter how that looks from a distance. For instance a blue and white chinoiserie pattern will read blue from a distance but a pattern comprised of lots of different colours can sometimes appear to almost look like a neutral grey. A good trick to figuring this out is to blur your vision when looking at the pattern. The colour you see when your vision is blurred will be an accurate reading of what the pattern’s overall colour will be.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you overcome the pattern phobia that Ottawa seems to be suffering from. Here are a couple of pictures from my trip that show bold pattern used in interior spaces.






Inspired to remodel your space with some more patterns, consult an Astro designer! 


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