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Kitchen Remodel Story

Posted by Astro Blogger on Aug 8, 2014 12:08:00 PM

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Before & After: Kitchen Remodel

Homeowners, Hugo and Luc wanted to start their kitchen renovation as they felt needed a new look. Although, the kitchen cabinets were in good condition, the style and finishes were outdated.  It was time for a change.  Before we get started, let’s take a look at what their kitchen used to look like:

IMG_0052       IMG_5514

Alright, now on to the remodel!


These homeowners wanted a classic kitchen, but with clean lines and strong forms that will work with the traditional architecture of their home. In result, we designed a transitional style space that was able to blend with the classical architectural home and the two concepts together.

Coming to Astro was one of the first places they checked out upon the beginning of their search for a kitchen remodeling company. Luc had previously done his kitchen at Astro and loved the professional service he had received and friendship he formed with our Kitchen & Bath Designer Julia. Together they knew it would be another great match. However, like most purchases, they wanted to still shop around and compare designs and quotes, as they were on a strict budget as well.  However, all the other places fell short, and Julia was the only one that understood their vision the best – and not to mention staying within their budget at the same time!  They were amazed at what Julia had to offer them for what they were willing to spend - it made the decision that much easier. The couple wanted to be very involved in the design process, and together the three combined their thoughts in creating no doubt a beautiful space and resulted in a huge transformation.  

Once the remodeling process began; walls were tore down to open up the space and make it larger for entertaining and a huge island was added, as the couple is known for hosting many social gatherings. Additional counter space and cupboards were a must for this kitchen and it was all able to be done through careful design and planning, even without that wall.

With the design expertise of Julia, they rearranged the layout of their entire kitchen, making the focal point their large stunning centre island.  They chose granite countertops, which they love for its charming characteristic and durability.  The two-tone maple cabinetry chosen for their timeless kitchen is Astro’s trusted house brand.  

Now, take a look at the newly designed kitchen! Can you believe the transformation?

  Astro Kitchen Remodel 3

Astro Kitchen Remodel 1       6-1

Shout Outs

Big shout out to our Kitchen & Bath Designer, Julia Enriquez and the Astro team for working together with homeowner’s Luc & Hugo in helping them create their brand new dream kitchen space!

A special thank you goes to the couple for again choosing Astro to do their kitchen and their kind words they left for us. To hear more about their success story, be sure to watch the video below. 



Looking to get started on planning your dream space, talk to one of our designers! 



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