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Kitchen Planning: Trying Something New

Posted by Nathan Kyle, Astro Designer on Feb 22, 2014 10:30:00 AM

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The 1950’s Called - They want the tired working triangle back!

Hey You! Have you been going in circles trying to put together a perfect Working Triangle for your dream kitchen; and squared off with postponing the renovation altogether?

Wait a minute! 

The Tired Triangle

We need to step out of the box and approach the design of your kitchen to accompany the functionalities of every day living.

Whilst the Working Triangle does work, it really serves the function of one individual working in this space alone. Tiny steps back and forth, from fridge to sink to stove, tirelessly slaving but arguably very efficiently.

On a site visit to a client’s charming home in Ottawa’s Glebe neighborhood; I found myself standing in a very crowded kitchen.  Not even five minutes into conversation, a flip down ironing board leaped out of the wall missing my head by a few inches.

I was amusingly reminded of a time when a certain individual of the household would spend their day cooking, cleaning, ironing, doing the laundry all within the constraints of the kitchen.  Then it struck me - not the ironing board - but the fact that these “chores” could be more enjoyable if the kitchen was planned to accommodate more than just one individual working in the space.


Ottawa Kitchen Renovation by Astro

Welcome the Working Stations

Today, entertaining has taken on a new meaning.  Hosts can enlist the help of their guests to prep salads, plate meals, stir the curry, mix drinks, clean up all while congregating in the kitchen and making the most out of the night.99-astro_delluca_kitchen_doublespace_photography

Ottawa Kitchen Renovation by Astro

Translate that into an everyday family affair, and the workstation concept creates the perfect setting to delegate tasks to different family members in the kitchen without each one stepping on one another’s toes.

The workstation concept does work best for medium to large kitchens, but can be cleverly planned for smaller open concept spaces as well.  Start off with a plan to address all the functions of your kitchen, if they were to have their own space. In addition to the necessity of pantry and dish storage, consider a baking station, breakfast station, beverage station, food prep station, food clean up station, computer/recipe book station, wash station, and a cooking station, just to name a few.


Ottawa Kitchen Renovation by Astro

Plan for Stations 

Delegating a space for the above mentioned stations in the early stages of kitchen planning will increase the efficiency of every square inch in your kitchen.  Seek help from a Design Pro to see how they can translate your ideas from paper to reality.

The working station concept is widely adopted by Professional Chefs. We go as far as purchasing professional grade appliances, following professionals’ recipes and posting “professional “ photos of our latest meal creations to Instagram.  It is only a matter of time before we start aspiring to work like them in the kitchen.

If you are a in the midst of planning a kitchen renovation, then make sure to get in touch with our designers who are here to provide you with new tips, ideas, a design and ultimately your dream kitchen space!  


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