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Kitchen Design: Less is More

Posted by Julia Enriquez on Feb 18, 2015 1:33:00 PM



When it came to designing this kitchen, the key element was minimalist.  The client wanted to achieve a spectacular and unique kitchen, with a refreshed and clean look.  Less is more applies with this kitchen design. 


The Italian manufacturer, Contempora collection was chosen for cabinetry in this kitchen because of its unique modern flare.  Daily tasks are facilitated by ergonomic and functional design necessary in today’s constrained time, while the use of exotic materials, flawless finishes and perfectly appointed details provides the level of refinement desired.

There are many variations, but the main feature of all of them is a blend of warm and cool textures using the combination of the exotic wood veneer and painted white glass cabinet doors, and finishing with the stunning Statuario Extra honed marble.   Having the appliances integrated perfectly into the cabinetry create a seamless look throughout the space, keeping consistent with the white glass doors.


The cut-out in the island is a unique touch and can be used for display of a beautiful, yet simple accessory. The pendants are interesting in shape and style, but do not obstruct the light upper half of the kitchen either. The way the upper cabinets run across into the tall cabinetry on the left wall creates a dynamic shape. Although minimalism was used, a lot of detail and planning is found in this kitchen design. 



With this kitchen, less is more. Clean lines and simple shapes are what make this contemporary kitchen truly beautiful. This space is made up of four main materials and allow for the eye to move around the space and discover the different textures. It is the details that make this kitchen one-of-a kind. 

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