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Kitchen Cabinet Styles And Trends

Posted by Marina Medina, Astro Designer on Jan 24, 2017 10:46:29 AM

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When it comes to kitchen planning. cabinets play one of the most important roles in both your kitchen's appearance and functionality. With so many new kitchen cabinet options out there, we narrowed down our top 6 cabinet door styles, ranging from sleek high gloss to refined shaker and rough-chic. Explore the different options available in today's kitchen world from Downsview, Aster and our house brand to find the one that's right for your dream space. 

1. High Gloss

High gloss cabinetry has gained popularity in the kitchen world and is here to stay. High gloss finishes can be applied to cabinetry in every color imaginable as well as to beautiful wood products, helping to reflect light, add lustre and sleek glossy texture to a palette of all other chosen finishes. Adding cabinetry in a high gloss finish is an excellent way of inviting a feeling of spaciousness and brightness into the room. While glossy white cabinetry has been a common go-to for years, we are now seeing stunning kitchen designs incorporating warm taupes, and rich grey hues in high gloss finish.

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen design by 2H & Astro's Julia Enriquez using Astro's house brand cabinetry.

2. Inset Framed

Inset framed cabinet style has been sought after for a long time due to its luxurious feel and masterfully crafted detailing. Previously, inset framed cabinetry was commonly used in very traditional kitchens. Today, there are beautiful modern versions of inset cabinetry, perfect for a discerning homeowner who favors a contemporary aesthetic yet appreciates extra level of detail and finesse.

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel

 Kitchen design by Julia Enriquez, using Downsview custom cabinetry, via Astro Design Centre.


3. Industrial

Inspired by rustic textures of factories and warehouses, many cabinet manufacturers are coming out with door styles in unexpected materials such as metal and concrete. A complex palette of neutral colors such gunmetal grey, smoke, rust, and cement, layered with a variety of unique textures can create stunning visual results. Whether designing an entire factory-style kitchen in a loft with exposed brick or introducing one or two novel textures to an otherwise subtle kitchen design in a contemporary home, elements of industrial style cabinetry can become another tool to create an interesting multidimensional space and help to express the personality of the home owner.

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel

Aster Cucine Factory Collection, available at  Astro Design Centre.


4. Reinvented Shaker

Shaker doors have been a favorite in kitchen design because of their versatility and wide appeal. For a home owner who wishes to achieve a modern yet timeless look, shaker is often a successful compromise. Design world is now seeing shaker style cabinetry come back in an elegant slim-profile reiteration. Clean contemporary lines are complimented with graceful detailing to create a style of cabinetry that is simple, current and refined at the same time.

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel

 Kitchen design by Dean Large, using Aster Cucine custom cabinetry, via Astro Design Centre.


5. Wood Veneer

There is nothing like rich color and texture of wood to inject warmth and character into a space. By incorporating wood finishes into our homes, we are able to enjoy the soothing and invigorating effect of having elements of the natural world as part of our household.

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel

 Kitchen design by Julia Enriquez, using Aster Cucine custom cabinetry, via Astro Design Centre.


6. Rough Chic

While some wood cabinets are more subtle and uniform in appearance, there is always an option to add more contrast and drama by introducing wood rich in character and grain. Rough chic style of cabinetry can be differentiated from wood veneers by an added dimension of depth – the feeling of rough texture to the touch. While this style of cabinetry is usually associated with a farmhouse look, it can look beautiful in a contemporary space when paired with sleek flat slab doors in neutral colors.

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel

 Kitchen design by Julia Enriquez, using a mix of Aster Cucine custom cabinetry and our house brand.


Here's some more cabinet style inspiration that we've used in our projects and brands we offer.  From the popular Avenue shaker door style, to all high gloss cabinets, Aster's industrial style doors and last but not least we have the Downsview wood veneer showcased below. 

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel      Astro Design Kitchen Remodel

Astro Design Kitchen Remodel   ASTRO DESIGN KITCHEN





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