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How to Make an Impact Using Brass in Your Bathroom

Posted by Guest Blogger on Aug 6, 2020 2:35:34 PM

This year, interior trends have seen us waving goodbye to cooler metals and, instead, embracing warmer metallic tones, such as gold, copper and brass, into our homes – especially into our bathrooms. Brushed brass and unlacquered brass, in particular, are subtle options that aren’t too glitzy and are perfect for a subtly sophisticated aesthetic.

Here at Astro Design Centre, we’ve teamed up with Crosswater London to bring you our top tips for incorporating this beautiful look into your bathroom.

Why Choose Brass for Your Bathroom?

While polished chrome and stainless remain classic finishes for a cooler bathroom palette, there is room to create a scheme that is richer and warmer. In this space, the look is perfectly achieved through the use of brass.

Crosswater faucet


Keep it simple: by incorporating brass into your faucets, handles and lighting, you’ll create plenty of warm metallic tones without overpowering the space. Add in other accessories, accents and possibly a brass mirror to create a fully cohesive scheme.

Create the Ultimate Style Statement with Brushed Brass

For those of you that prefer a more contemporary style interior design, brushed brass provides the perfect finish for your bathroom with a striking, on-trend look. The brassware is treated to give a slightly matte look and it is proven to be incredibly durable while delivering an elegant and luxurious appeal.

Compared to gold tones of the 80's and 90's, brushed brass is soft and understated, ensuring that your gorgeous bathroom design scheme will stay relevant for years to come.

You can design a truly stunning scheme with brushed brass fittings and accessories. In a shower space, the metal stands out against simple tiles and can create a luxury statement even when combined with a simple basin. Most effective when incorporated alongside black and/or white combinations, brushed brass makes a real statement when used in moderation.

Crosswater London offers a stunning brushed brass finish within its MPRO collection, featuring exquisite knurled detailing, to combine precision design and superb function for a sumptuous look.



How To Evoke a Rustic Look with Unlacquered Brass

Looking to create a more rustic look? Unlacquered brass is ideal for those wanting to achieve a more characterful, unique feel. Known for its ‘living, organic finish’, unlacquered brass will naturally tarnish and age when exposed to sun, touch and oxygen. This is due to a process called ‘oxidation’ which occurs naturally – even the Statue of Liberty has oxidation to thank for its famous green shade! For an elevated and organic aesthetic, incorporate Crosswater London’s UNION collection of faucets and bath fittings in unlacquered brass.

Union Bath C_USA




Made in Italy, UNION offers industrial-edge styling with its precision knurling and raw finish – a look that is at once contemporary and rustic.



USA UB135DN Polished Brass A2-1


Waldorf Collection

Crosswater London’s Waldorf range is available in a striking unlacquered brass finish, perfect for creating a sophisticated, traditional bathroom setting with a contemporary edge.

Untitled design (10)

For a more period look, complete your bathroom with the Belgravia collection - now available in unlacquered brass.

Untitled design (9)


Due to the artisanal nature of this coating, no two products are alike, which is why unlacquered brass is a popular choice if you’re looking to create an interior scheme that is completely individual. We’ve noticed the trend to incorporate naturally aged vintage brass décor and accessories into the bathroom, as it will develop an even more characterful patina over time. However when it comes to maintaining the brassware, we strongly advise that you dry the surface after each use, as water spotting will cause an uneven patina. Should you notice spotting on your unlacquered brassware, a quick polish should soon restore its original lustre.


We hope our blog post with Crosswater London has helped to show you the impact brassware can have on transforming your bathroom. Add your choice of brass finish to a completely minimal interior scheme and take your space from simple to statement in no time!

Still need some help to choose your metals? Talk to one of our designers!

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