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How Much Cabinet Space Do You Really Need?

Posted by Cathy Habas, Guest Blogger on Jun 28, 2017 11:28:54 AM

How Much Cabinet Space Do You Really Need?

Remodeling your kitchen opens the door to so many exciting prospects! Now is your chance to put your inner neat-freak to work, organizing your kitchen perfectly so that everything has a place and you can maximize your time cooking delicious meals without running back and forth from one place to the next.

In other words, there is a lot of planning involved when redesigning a kitchen!

One thing you certainly don’t want to short-change yourself on is cabinet space. But how much do you really need?

Make a List

It’s time to get organized about your organization!

List everything currently in your kitchen: spices, small appliances, dishes, pots, bakeware, utensils, pantry items and more. List things that live on your countertops only because you don’t have space to store them, such as toasters and blenders.

List everything that bothers you about your current kitchen’s design. Is the trash can all the way across the room when you need it most? Are the spices nowhere near the stove? Are you constantly going back and forth finding bags of flour and measuring cups when you’re trying to bake? Do Tupperware lids actually rain down on you when you open that particular cabinet?

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Rearrange Current Kitchen

Armed with both lists, start to assign cabinets or drawers to groups of things. You might want a cabinet dedicated to a trashcan and recycling bin, for example. Another drawer might easily be filled with your spices, whereas you need an entire cabinet for all of your drinking cups.

Use your current kitchen as a guide and start to rearrange things. Is the biggest drawer still inadequate for your spice collection? Make note of approximately how much bigger the dimensions need to be. Are all the shelves too low to store your blender? Write down how tall it is. Are entire groups of dishes or pantry items left without a place to call home? Pull some other items out of your cabinets to verify how well those leftovers fit in your current cabinets, and make note of how many extras you’ll need in your future design.

Now assume that you’ll want an extra drawer or cabinet down the line, and work those into the design as well. Innovative storage solutions, like thin, practically hidden cabinets for cookie sheets, are also a great option. Consider hanging coffee mugs under cabinets to clear up space, or using pull-out organizers to keep pots and lids orderly and accessible. The more you maximize your space, the less overall space you’ll end up needing.

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Consider Your Overall Kitchen Design

Open kitchens are very popular. As such, you may wish to avoid upper cabinets altogether. The more lower cabinet space, the more counter space available to you. On the other hand, you can dedicate an area of the kitchen to floor-to-ceiling cabinets, which provides efficient storage options without making the room feel crowded.

If you are using a particularly heavy material like stone or concrete for your countertops, you may not be able to install very wide drawers or cabinets underneath the counter. Such materials require a lot of structural support, which may need to be placed closer together than your dream drawers or cabinets would allow.


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When Dreams Don’t Match Reality

Perhaps you know that you could easily make use of dozens of cabinets and drawers, but affording them is another matter entirely. Consider sorting through your kitchen items and withholding only what you use on a regular (weekly) basis. How much cabinet space do you need for these items?

The specialty items, like the stash of cookie cutters that you only use around the holidays, can be stored in a container in a large pantry. Other items, like your cereal boxes and bowls, can be stored together in a cabinet close to the refrigerator, within easy reach of the milk.

Think about your kitchen “workflow” to continue to pair associated items together and to put them in the most convenient locations.

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