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Getting Wet With Bathroom Renovations

Posted by Astro Blogger on Feb 4, 2014 10:36:00 AM

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Bathroom Renovations Have No Limits

Bathroom renovations can be daunting.  There are so many magazines and websites that show you endless options of how to transform your room into the luxurious retreat you’ve been dreaming of.  Beautiful, large walk-in showers are showcased alongside a signature freestanding bathtub in expansive spaces.  But what happens when your bathroom is more cubby than colossal?  Having limited space doesn’t have to limit your creativity!

Wet rooms are becoming an increasingly popular solution for people who desire the large spa-like look bathroom but don’t have the space.  What is a wet room?  A wet room essentially transforms your entire bathroom into an open bathing space.  No glass enclosure for the shower – your entire room is a shower!  All the usual suspects are there as well, vanity, toilet, even a bathtub if you choose.

Plan for Wet Rooms

Unsure if a wet room is right for you? When you plan to do bathroom renovations, wet rooms should be considered.  There are many benefits to turning your bathroom into a wet room.  First and foremost, a wet room creates a more open and spacious room.  By eliminating walls and traditional glass enclosures, any size room becomes an expansive getaway.  By opening up the entire space, you aren’t confined in your design.  A shower can fit into a space where you never would have imagined a stand-alone shower could be possible. 

For anyone with mobility issues, or for those looking to create an ADA compliant bathroom, a wet room is an excellent option.  The curbless shower makes it simple and functional for everyone to use.  Benches and grab bars can easily be added for increased functionality. Whether you want contemporary, eclectic or classic, a wet room will fit to any desired style.  

Contemporary wet room design by Astro Design Centre
Bathroom Renovations

The Rest Is Up To You

So now that you’re sold on the idea of creating a wet room, what factors do you need to consider?  With a wet room, there are no limitations.  Any bathroom can be converted into a wet room.  The shower drain is set directly into the floor, wherever you need it to be.  The whole floor is gently sloped towards the drain.  No curbs needed!  Want to incorporate a linear drain in your shower?  Absolutely!  The possibilities are endless!

Astro Bathroom Renovations

Next, you need to consider if you want the wet room to be entirely open or if you would be more comfortable with some glass partitions.  If you like the idea of having a wet room but aren’t entirely sold on a completely open bathing space, add some glass!  There are no rules.  A glass shield with open ends is a great compromise if you’re not willing to fully commit to an entire wet room.  How about a bathtub?  If you have the space, a freestanding bath can be a beautiful addition!

If you find yourself in a design rut, wanting to renovate your bathroom and create a unique space, consider a wet room.  Aside from the aesthetic benefits, a wet room is a functional solution to getting the most out of a limited space.   

Astro designed a wet room for this ensuite bathroom to maximize its unique shape. Get inspired with Astro and start your bathroom renovations! 

Astro Bathroom Renovations

 Award-Winning Modern design wet room by Astro Design Centre


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