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Choosing Your Light Fixtures

Posted by Astro Blogger on Jun 19, 2020 2:46:23 PM

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When it comes to easy and quick transformations in your home, changing your light fixture is the way to go! Good lighting goes beyond just natural and ambient light. Choosing the right fixture based on its design and purpose will influence and set the mood of your space. It is certainly a great option in elevating the design of your home to give it a new look and feel.

Here at Astro Design Centre, we understand that choosing the right size and style of light fixture can be overwhelming. Especially, when you spend hours and hours in a store looking and trying to figure out which of those shiny beauties would best fit in your space. How big should my light fixture be? How many should I get? What finish do I choose? These are some of the common questions we get. 

Although changing your light fixture may instantly transform your space, choosing the right fixture can sure be tricky. But don’t panic and don’t give up on finding the perfect lighting! 

To help get you started on choosing the right fixture, we are sharing our top three tips and strategies to navigate through this overwhelming but rewarding task of finding the perfect light fixture for your home! 


GordonKitchen-AD-06-WEB (1)

Design by Astro | Lighting by Visual Comfort 

  1. Rule of Thumb

Aim to match the lighting fixture with the task they need to perform. In every space it is important to layer your lighting with both ambient light for equally dispersed lighting and task lighting to highlight the workspace areas. You can also add focal lighting to feature artwork and accent walls. 

For a bright and well-lit kitchen, natural light or pot lights offer ambient lighting and pendant lights over the island will perform as task lights. You may need two or more pendants instead of one, it all depends on the size of the kitchen island! 

For bedrooms, a ceiling flush mount paired with bedside sconces or a reading lamp will be a great way to give the space the different types of lighting it needs!

Layering and understanding the types of light fixtures will not only brighten up your space but also give it more dimension, character, and style with it! 

  1. Mixing Metals

Don’t be afraid of mixing metals! PRO tip: Contrast is key! Warm metals like gold, brass, and nickel add a pop of colour and texture when placed with cool metals like silver and chrome.

You must also consider your overall colour palette. In this Astro Design kitchen, the warm and neutral colour scheme is echoed by the use of warm metals. The transitional brushed brass hanging pendants are leading the focal point to the island, contrasting the more modern aesthetic of the stainless-steel appliances.

Pace-AD-12-WEB (1)

Design By Astro in collaboration with The Decorators Choice | Lighting by Visual Comfort 

  1. Choosing your Style

For most people, choosing the right lighting for the different rooms in their home can be challenging. The good news? There are many places you can find inspiration without leaving the comfort of your home. There are many resources out there including our gallery. Be sure to check it out, browse, be inspired, and get some ideas on the different styles you like or don’t like! Instagram and Pinterest are visual social media platforms that showcase more amazing inspirations and ideas for your dream home.

Pro tip: In both Pinterest and Instagram, you can search for specific hashtags to find inspiration for your home. For lighting, you will find stunning inspirations on hashtags like #lighting #lightingdesign #hanginglighting #indoorlighting #dininglighting and so on.

Share with us in the comments about your experience finding the perfect light fixtures for your home 😉.

Haven’t found THE one yet? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you find the one!

* Photos by JVLphoto

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