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A Royal Kitchen

Posted by Astro on Aug 8, 2018 12:27:16 PM

Astro donates Kitchen to aid mental health recovery at The Royal Ottawa

Having celebrated 20 years of business last year, Astro Design Centre wanted to give back to the community. When the opportunity to donate a new kitchen to the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre came up, Astro couldn’t pass it up.  We looked forward to an opportunity to renovate the hospital’s existing tired and dated Occupational Therapy kitchen, where various programs at the hospital come to develop life skills, social skills and vocational skills for both in and out patients, who are referred to as clients. It was our hope that this bright and fun kitchen can become an uplifting and inspiring place for patients to gather, cook, interact and heal.

X1   X3The Original Occupational Therapy Kitchen at The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre 

We set out to create a space that is durable, functional, modern, inviting and fresh. In designing this kitchen, the Astro team had to balance the needs of the hospital’s programs with a desire to create a comfortable home-like setting.

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A rendering of the Kitchen design presented

There are multiple groups of people that use the kitchen, often at the same time. Our solution to this was to increase the work surface by providing a large and spacious island with double cooktops facing each other as well as doubles of other appliances and two large Galley workstations efficiently laid out to accommodate multiple people working at the same time. Rethinking the layout, expanding the counter space and the sink space and doubling the appliances has helped to create an environment that is conducive to learning and accessible to larger groups.


One of the Galley Workstations donated to make prepping and cooking more efficient and enjoyable for the clients

The project took more than six months of planning and execution and involved the entire Astro team as well as some of Astro’s suppliers, who contributed their products, including our cabinet manufacturer Miralis, sink supplier The Galley, and various trades.

We opted for low-maintenance durable materials like the Fenix laminated cabinets that are fingerprint and scratch resistant. Quartz countertops and marine grade stainless steel of the workstation sinks were selected due to their premium longevity and durability. While it was crucial to consider practicality and functionality of the kitchen, it was equally important to create a space that is beautiful and inviting. Combination of navy cabinetry with wooden accents in the island and open shelving sets a warm and cozy stage. Other design details like the cloud detail of painted lumber above the island, oversized hood vent and a playful backsplash of white and pink geometric tiles add visual interest to the space. Dark tones ground the room, creating a modern timeless feel while the blush and white tones contribute to a bright and hopeful atmosphere.


RoyalOttawa-AD-05-Mural-WEB (1) RoyalOttawa-AD-03-WEB

The new OT Rehab kitchen donated, designed, supplied and installed by Astro Design Centre

Many people underestimate the importance and success of the kitchen therapy groups. We imagine the new space will offer even greater opportunities for patients at The Royal.

At Astro we pride ourselves on teamwork and positivity. Being able to design a space for new memories, laughter, and the creation of a community within the Royal is an unforgettable opportunity. We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to give back to such an impactful facility.

DSC_0681   DSC_0978  DSC_1089


RoyalOttawa-AD-17-WEB                   RoyalOttawa-AD-15-WEB


Let us know in the comments what you think of the new kitchen! 



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