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Trendsetting Italian Designs

Posted by Marina Medina, Astro Designer on Mar 29, 2017 9:23:26 AM

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Cold snowy March days have us dreaming about our favorite sunny vacation destinations. From food to fashion to culture, Italians seem to know a thing or two about la dolce vita – the good life – not shying away from living vibrantly and indulging in all the good things in life.

Italian culture is well known for a lifestyle of not taking things too seriously and enjoying life in a relaxed and playful way. Mild Mediterranean climate, stunning views, delicious flavourful food and warm temperaments seem to contribute to a joyful way of living that is envied by many and attracts a steady flow of tourists from all over the world. It is not surprising that a culture that values quality over quantity and has an appreciation for craftsmanship and art has also become a leader in the interior design industry with a never-ending supply of inspiring and innovative products and ideas for the home. Interior designers and architects all over the world have long had their eyes on Italy as a well-established trendsetter in the realm of design. Our design team at Astro Design Centre is no exception. Read on for the list of things that keep us falling in love with Italy.]



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Vibrant colors of Cinque Terre are sure to take the breath away.

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Romantic gondola rides in Venice attract thousands of tourists every year.

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Lake Como in Northern Italy is set against the stunning backdrop of a majestic mountainous landscape.


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Italian wine is well appreciated by connoisseurs and aficionados all over the world. With an overwhelming selection of Italian wines available, we have found some favorite go-to wines to savor after a long day or work or to pair with a scrumptious meal:

  • Chianti
  • Barolo
  • Montepulicano
  • D’Abruzzo
  • Valpolicella
  • Amarone


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Fresh, locally sourced cuisine and recipes perfected over duration of centuries and passed down for generations are the reason why Italy is on the top of the destination list for foodies with an appreciation for decadent and indulgent gastronomy.


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One of the largest churches in the world and the largest in Italy, Duomo di Milano is a Gothic Cathedral in Milan that took almost six centuries to complete.

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Trevi Fountain and ornately decorated Palazzo Poli behind it is a well known landmark of Rome


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Italian fashion is daring, bold and anything but predictable, offering exciting options to those who love to play dress up as a way of creative self expression.


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Fabulous Fantini showroom in Milan, Italy

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Venezia Roman tub filler by Fantini Rubinetti. Available at Astro.

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Contemporary kitchen design by an Italian line of cabinetry, Aster Cucine. Available at Astro.

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Sleek and timeless custom closets by Fimes is the latest addition to our Italian product offering. Available at Astro.


Enjoy the good things in life, and visit Astro to shop our top quality and designed Italian-made products from fixtures to cabinetry. ;) 




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