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Quebec City, Bain Ultra & The Art of Living

Posted by Marina Medina, Astro Designer on Nov 4, 2016 10:41:56 AM

As part of product knowledge training for Bain Ultra tubs, I attended their facility in Quebec City and was fortunate to spend a few days wondering around Old Quebec, taking in beautiful sights of cobblestone-clad streets. Astounding combination of European charm and rich history set against the splendor of Canadian landscape, Old Quebec was an especially lovely place to be in early October with leaves turning colors in a stunning palette of yellows, oranges and reds. Below is my list of not-to-be-missed activities and gastronomic experiences in Ville de Vieux Quebec and surrounding area.

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10 Ways to Bring Nature Indoors With Design

Posted by Marina Medina, Astro Designer on Jun 27, 2016 11:30:23 AM

As our lives continue to urbanize and pick up pace, our connection to nature – natural light, organic materials, greenery - has been greatly reduced. It is a well researched fact that adding elements of natural world to interiors can help to reduce stress, improve well being and enhance creativity, focus and clarity of thought. Our design team has often looked to the natural world for inspiration for the interiors that we create. With interior trends constantly changing and evolving, we continue to seek out highest quality natural materials and organic forms to create timeless and lasting spaces. Below is a list of our favorite ways of incorporating biophillic design elements into home interiors.

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Symmetrical Role Reversal

Posted by Ottawa at Home on Feb 22, 2016 11:12:33 AM

This article originally appeared in Ottawa at Home magazine & has been excerpted from Ottawa at Home. 

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Ottawa designer Nathan Kyle is cookin’ up a storm

Posted by Ottawa Citizen on Sep 23, 2015 11:09:02 AM

This article originally appeared in Ottawa Style Magazine & has been excerpted from Ottawa Citizen.

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Wasted Space Put to Better Use in a Contemporary Bath

Posted by Houzz Editorial on Sep 15, 2015 11:49:00 AM

Wasted Space Put to Better Use in a Large Contemporary Bath
"At about 260 square feet (24.1 square meters), this bathroom had loads of space, but most of it was going to waste. Though it was the master bath, a hallway separated it from the bedroom. Extended storage had no space for hanging items, the shower was small, and a large tub was a space hog. Not to mention that the finishes and the fixtures were dated. Nathan Kyle of Astro Design Centre recomposed the floor plan, created a direct connection to the bedroom, added smart and sleek new cabinets that serve as the closet, placed the toilet in its own private water closet space, installed a steam shower, gave the couple his-and-her vanities and even incorporated the TV that was on their wish list into the mirror. The result is a luxe retreat that feels like a spa."
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Before & After Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Astro Blogger on Aug 6, 2015 12:02:00 PM

A Modern Spa Retreat

The Homeowner's Vision

Find your sanctuary.  Imagine walking into your bathroom and entering your very own luxurious spa retreat, complete with a soaking tub, an open shower, a steam unit and electric mirrors. Well, for these homeowners, this dreamy thought is their reality. When this couple decided to have a bathroom remodel they entrusted Kitchen & Bath Designer, Nathan Kyle to execute their vision. 

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Modern Home in The Hills

Posted by Astro Blogger on Mar 11, 2015 1:22:00 PM

The Hilltop Retreat

Designer, Nathan Kyle is at it again!  This time around, there was something different about the home. The client, an artist who is full of creativity was seeking a modern space for their new home up in the Gatineau hills. It was all about the view. Once you arrive at this home, right away you are swept away by the unbelievable view of the Gatineau Hills, the Gatineau River and the skyline of downtown Ottawa in one shot.   Understanding that this home was all about the scenic view, the home was designed around just that.

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Design ideas

Posted by Houzz Editorial on Feb 17, 2015 4:53:00 PM

Design Ideas From 21 Much-Loved Rooms

"There are just some rooms that make your eyes light up as soon as you walk into them. Whether it’s full of sunlight and comfortable furniture or impresses with the way it handles and organizes myriad things for everyday life, a single well-thought-out room in a home has the power to stick with you long after you leave it. In our Room of the Day series, we seek to profile such spaces. Here’s a collection of some of the most popular rooms featured on Houzz." Read More...

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Room of the Day: Master Bath

Posted by Guest Blogger on Sep 24, 2014 10:22:00 AM

Houzz, a popular home design website has featured one of Astro's projects as their "Room of the Day." Read all about how this stunning space came together, what materials were used. the different styles, and alas how their vision came to be! We definitely think it's worth the read!

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Craftsman Meets Contemporary Style

Posted by Julia Enriquez on Sep 9, 2014 11:59:00 AM

Craftsman Meets Contemporary Style

If you’re like these homeowners and want to mix two different styles together, you’re in luck. With the help of a designer, achieving that harmonious blend between two styles is possible!  With this cottage kitchen & bath project, our designer used the Craftsman style architecture of the home and planned to blend it with the desired contemporary spaces. These two styles, while quite different in theory, compliment each other beautifully in décor and design.

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