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Quebec City, Bain Ultra & The Art of Living

Posted by Marina Medina, Astro Designer on Nov 4, 2016 10:41:56 AM

As part of product knowledge training for Bain Ultra tubs, I attended their facility in Quebec City and was fortunate to spend a few days wondering around Old Quebec, taking in beautiful sights of cobblestone-clad streets. Astounding combination of European charm and rich history set against the splendor of Canadian landscape, Old Quebec was an especially lovely place to be in early October with leaves turning colors in a stunning palette of yellows, oranges and reds. Below is my list of not-to-be-missed activities and gastronomic experiences in Ville de Vieux Quebec and surrounding area.

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Top 10 Vanities

Posted by Walter Bunda on Oct 11, 2016 3:56:22 PM

Looking to give your bathroom a simple makeover? Without having to completely remodel your entire bathroom, think about changing your vanity set to instantly transform the look of your bath. From a new vanity, sink and mirror –  a new vanity set will update your space, making it feel brand new.  With so many choices of vanities, we wanted to help by showing you our 10 favourite, and popular choices in vanities to get you inspired to give your bathroom the update it’s been looking for.

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Why a Kitchen Remodel Might Be Just What You Need

Posted by Guest Blogger on Aug 22, 2016 10:30:49 AM

When you’re considering a remodeling project for the kitchen, shopping for furniture, fixtures, and color is always fun—after all, it’s the icing on the cake. But determining which materials to use, what to keep and what to replace, and how much your budget will allow are important decisions that you need to make before you get to the decor details.

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10 Latest Trends in Kitchen Design

Posted by Marina Medina, Astro Designer on Aug 4, 2016 11:59:33 AM

As the kitchen continues to evolve from a room with a merely utilitarian purpose to becoming the heart and soul of the home, designers strive to re-imagine and improve upon this ever more important gathering space. The new dual function of the kitchen – preparing food as well as encouraging family interaction and entertaining guests – lends itself to several key design features that continue to enhance both aesthetics and functionality of the new social hub of the home.

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10 Ways to Bring Nature Indoors With Design

Posted by Marina Medina, Astro Designer on Jun 27, 2016 11:30:23 AM

As our lives continue to urbanize and pick up pace, our connection to nature – natural light, organic materials, greenery - has been greatly reduced. It is a well researched fact that adding elements of natural world to interiors can help to reduce stress, improve well being and enhance creativity, focus and clarity of thought. Our design team has often looked to the natural world for inspiration for the interiors that we create. With interior trends constantly changing and evolving, we continue to seek out highest quality natural materials and organic forms to create timeless and lasting spaces. Below is a list of our favorite ways of incorporating biophillic design elements into home interiors.

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Classic Kitchen Design

Posted by Astro Blogger on May 25, 2016 4:19:38 PM


The Kitchen Concept

Kitchen & Bath Designer, Julia Enriquez of Astro, recently completed a remodel for a couple planning to add an extension to their home for their new kitchen.  The couple live in a beautiful historic home in Rockcliffe Park, and were looking for a space they could relax, entertain and enjoy each other’s company.  The couple sought out Julia and got into planning their kitchen remodel.

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NKBA Design Excellence Awards

Posted by Astro Blogger on May 2, 2016 11:21:13 AM

For the last few years, Astro has participated in the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) - Ottawa Design Excellence Awards.  The Awards Gala is usually held in April, and it gives the Ottawa Design industry a chance to submit their projects from the previous year and winners are awarded the night of the Gala.  It is a great opportunity to see what Ottawa is offering in design, and the latest trends.  This year, it was all about white. From the theme of the event "Nuit Blanche" to the winning kitchens and bathrooms displaying some sort of shade of white.  As Anita Murray from the Ottawa Citizen said it best, "Winning kitchens and bathrooms come in 250 Shades of White." 

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Popping the hood: Range vents run the gamut from invisible to funky

Posted by Ottawa Citizen on Mar 28, 2016 4:48:46 PM

This article originally appeared in Ottawa Citizen & has been excerpted from Ottawa Citizen.


Some are fun, funky or futuristic; others are sleek, elaborate or invisible. Whatever the style, the options for range hood vents are so varied that the choice can be daunting.

“It is the most difficult decision out of all the appliances,” says Jay Armstrong, store manager at Corbeil Appliances at Pinecrest Shopping Centre. “They’re all cosmetically different. They all have different features. It’s a very personal choice.”

Inspired by some of the entries in last fall’s Housing Design Awards, we polled area builders, designers and kitchen specialists for their take on what’s often referred to as the focal point of the kitchen.

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Scandinavian Country Kitchen Makeover

Posted by Dean Large, Astro Designer on Mar 22, 2016 1:43:45 PM


The Background

Roughly this time last year I sat down with a new client. She came in flustered having just bought a new home, she had a two year old son in her right hand a 3 month old daughter in her left hand; needless to say starting a renovation was rather daunting. The client had a conceptual idea for the home and a husband who was onboard for anything. Before I saw a single photo of their newly purchased home I was told “we want the home to have a calm Scandinavian country feel… but still modern”. Then the moment of surprise came, I was presented photos of house untouched since its 1930’s construction and a set of architectural plans for a renovation that looked like every mass builder would produce. First thing I asked the client was “If I can have your trust, would you let me throw out any preliminary work and let me start new?” The client said yes and everything else is history. 

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A 'Modern Vintage' Kitchen Renovation

Posted by Astro Designer on Mar 22, 2016 1:41:20 PM

Astro Designer, Dean Large shares his design process with this Before & After Rejuvenation of a Heritage Home in the Glebe.

The Restoration

Ottawa seems as though it is the city of beautiful old homes that nobody wants to care for. The city is going through a period where home owners are opting for the wrecking ball instead of spending the extra time restoring these once stunning homes. This past summer I met a fantastic family who was tired of their suburban home and opted to move into the oh-so coveted Glebe. They sought out a home in need of rejuvenation and took it upon themselves to bring it back to its former glory.

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