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Kitchen Cabinetry Trends to Look For in 2015

Posted by Guest Blogger on May 11, 2015 2:57:00 PM


You’re looking to remodel your kitchen this year and you’ve set aside some money to do it right. What trends should you be incorporating into your style? Here we’ve broken down all the latest in cabinetry for 2015.

Lots of White

According to Better Homes and Gardens, everything in the kitchen in 2015 will be light and bright. Long gone are the days when you walked into the black hole, also known as your kitchen. While preparing food, you’ll feel the sunshine and it’ll bounce off your sterile, white cabinets. It doesn’t matter what your home design style is, white and off-white cabinets will create a timeless look for your food prep space. We’ve seen this cabinet look in modern and traditional spaces. This award-winning contemporary white kitchen designed by Julia of Astro, is a great example of white cabinets making the most of a sunshine-y room. 

 Astro Kitchen

Furniture Inspired 

Another trend for 2015 will be cabinets that emulate furniture. Kitchen islands and cabinets will look more and more as if they belong in your living room. Houzz Contributor Natasha Saroca explains that this approach to design “marks another step in the evolution of the kitchen as the hub of the home and a treasured space the whole family can enjoy, rather than just a functional area that’s used for food prep and cooking alone.” In 2015, we’ll see a focus on incorporating the kitchen into the rest of the home with meticulous detail and luxurious accents. You’ll be surprised to see unique takes on the kitchen island. From antique bars to repurposed dressers, kitchen cabinetry doesn’t have to be created for the kitchen to work. 

Astro Kitchen

Glass Front Cabinets 

Part of the current trend in cabinets is functionality. Glass front cabinets allow you to see what’s in them before reaching for that plate or glass. The beauty of glass fronts are that they add a visual mix to the kitchen space. Instead of each cabinet looking identical, you can throw in a few feature cabinets that add some visual interest. Glass front cabinets really stand out if the contents are illuminated by built-in lights. For a really modern look, opt for brushed glass which is represented in this Astro designed kitchen.

 Astro Kitchen

Sleek Designs With No Visible Hardware 

Go ahead, look for the hardware on the front of the cabinets. You won’t find it. In 2015, more and more kitchen cabinets will lose the hardware that they once embraced. Westchester Magazine has seen fewer and fewer hardware on cabinets. Streamlined style is the go-to favorite says writer Laurie Yarnell. A lot of bells and whistles are being replaced with simple design. These improved cabinets open with the touch of a button and have hydraulic closures. HGTV points out that companies like Blum are leading the way in this automated revolution. 

 Astro Kitchen

Mixed Materials 

Designers everywhere are avoiding the matchy-matchy style of yesteryear. In 2015, mixing materials is on the scene. You’ll see wood cabinets with chrome hardware via this award-winning kitchen by Astro, pictured. Other mixing trends include mixing unpainted wood and lacquered cabinets. This use of variety in materials creates a more eclectic feel. Don’t hesitate to put different textures and colors together. Diversity in materials is having a moment.

 Astro Kitchen Design

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