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Posted by Astro Blogger on Mar 27, 2014 9:46:00 AM

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Astro Event Series: Design Days

In the spirit of entertaining, we at Astro wanted to share with our customers insightful design tips in a fun and lively way. This led to our new event series: Design Days!

With a snow storm going on outside, it didn’t stop us from enjoying a fun-filled day inside the Astro Showroom. From Mimosas and homemade croissants in the morning to BBQ sausages and fresh desserts in the afternoon, it was safe to say the food was a huge hit.

Astro Design Event

Despite the bad weather, we still had great attendance for our 3 amazing presentations given by Astro Designers and four Architects of Christopher Simmonds Architect.  To kick things off, two talented designers from Astro; Jack Creasy and Julia Enriquez talked to our guests on the different elements of Modern and Traditional Design. For those who are looking to renovate and don’t have an idea of what their styling preference is, it was a great way to learn the differences, visually see beautiful pictures of the two styles and hear from experts what they recommend. It was definitely an informative and interesting presentation that has already inspired some to start meeting with a designer in creating their dream space.

Astro Design Event

Following that presentation, we had the honour of having Chris Simmonds of Christopher Simmonds Architect to speak about Open Plan Living Spaces. It was an in depth and insightful presentation from one of the top architects in the City. Those attending had the privilege to hear from the expert himself about open spaces and successful modern homes.

Lastly, we introduced the first “Talk to an Expert” series with Rick Shean of Christopher Simmonds Architect. Guests enjoyed getting to have intimate conversations with Rick and his fellow architects Samantha and JP to discuss whatever questions were on their mind for home renovations.  It was a great opportunity and we look forward to having it again at our next Design Days.

Astro Design Event

Overall, it was a lovely day spending time with all our guests, and having the chance to sit in on three powerful presentations. Even if you weren’t able to make it, blogs of the presentations will be available for you to read soon.

Our Design Days will only get better from here, and we look forward to having you attend our next one. Be sure to stay tuned for details regarding upcoming events at Astro!

For pictures of the event, check out the album here.

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Astro Design Event

Astro Design Events


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